When Harry TKOed Sally:

The Catholic Response to Transgender Ideology in Sports and Society

Transgendered men overpowering women in MMA, weightlifting, and track? Men in dresses using women’s restrooms? Government bureaucrats enforcing hormone-based “transition” of children despite parental opposition? What in the world is going on?

Deacon Patrick Lappert and a panel of experts discussed the aggressive nature of the new trans ideology and tactics, and how faithful Catholics can respond and resist.

All were cordially invited for a night of great food, craft beer, cigars, and fellowship and stimulating discussion.

St. Luke Catholic Church
7575 Holliday Dr. East
Indianapolis, IN 46260

May 15, 2019 6:00pm

Is Reality Fluid?

When I arrived at the bus stop at the lower level of the Indy airport,  there were two dozen or more people already waiting for the shuttle that would take us to the remote lot where our respective vehicles were parked.  I was among the last to arrive so I waited at some distance so that […]

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